Airplane Dash – Gold!

Airplane Dash has made it through Gold and we are happy to present to you our final build.

You can download the Gold build of our game as well as the Gold Presentation on ourĀ Download Page.



Airplane Dash Credits

Airplane Dash Team:
Tim Hare
Adam Harte
Chris Prue
Chris Pentz
Corey Ringer
Shad Ratliff
George Oliver
Jordan Joyner
Luke Berghaus
Jeremy Goodman
Nathaniel Terhune
Jamison Fullerton

Game Production Staff:
Josh Law
Mike Lebo
Liz Rudis
Anna DiMasi
Liam Hislop
Jason Hinders
Patrick Kelly
Marcus Barker
Casey Coffman

Gary Miller
David Brown
Shawn Kendall

Beta Event Setup:
Rob Coble
John O’Leske
Steve VanZandt

Special Thanks:
Robert Wolfe
DieselBean Cafe

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