Beta Build Change Log

Alrighty… The long awaited Beta Change Log is here!


The Beta is Version 0.53 contains all of the changes made in the month of Beta.

Version 0.53 Change Log:

General Changes:

  • Modified Queuing behavior slightly based on user feedback, should now be easier to understand.
  • Added various help screens for all of the new content.

Turbulence (Environmental Effect):

  • The randomized luggage placement has been converted to a procedural placement system based upon  the layout of the selected plane.


  • Luggage now blocks the serving of passengers if it is in the way.
  • Luggage should now be more challenging.
  • Luggage now comes with a score multiplier.


  • The Tutorial Plane has been added and fully integrated into the game.
  • The tutorial plane consists of dialog to instruct new players in the core functionality of our game from preparing items, to serving passengers, even more complicated actions like serving celebrities.

Items & Shop State:

  • Items in the shop now list descriptions, prices, and have a texture representing them in the shop.
  • All items have been integrated into the game.
    • Cart & Cart Upgrades
      • Used to carry more items to serve passengers.
      • Upgrades Grant Increased Storage.
      • Now changes textures based on upgrade level.
    • Peanuts & Peanut Upgrades
      • Peanuts are used to reset a passenger to green.
      • Upgrades Grant Increased recharge-rate.
    • Headphones
      • Headphones are used to silence a passenger, removing all wants for the remainder of the game.
      • Grants a small amount of score.
    • Newspaper
      • Passively increases passenger wait timers to give more time to serve them.
    • Microwave Upgrade
      • Allows burgers to be prepared in half the time.
    • Chair Upgrades
      • Passively increases passenger wait timers to give more time to serve them.
    • Ticket
      • Allows you to save one jumper, preventing him from leaving the plane.
    • Outfit
      • Increases the players movement speed.
    • Intercom
      • Reveals all unanswered questions.
    • Movie
      • Answers all questions answered or unanswered and awards score.


  • The Celebrity passenger has been implemented.
  • The celebrity has 2 wants, which must be answered simultaneously to satisfy him.
  • Increased model detail on all passengers.
  • Updated all textures to increase the level of detail within the models.

Profile State:

  • The game now has 3 profiles to select from, allowing individual players to store different levels of progress through the game.
  • Erasing a profile clears its name, cash, and other progress, allowing you to enter a new profile. However, this does not remove their high scores.

Sound Update:

  • The new sound bank has been integrated, giving more unique sounds to our passengers and gameplay.

High Scores:

  • High scores are now being tracked for the Small Plane, Large Plane, and Endurance mode.
  • Each play through where you beat one of the current high scores will be saved to this state.


You can download the current copy of our build on our Download Page.

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