Beta Week 2! Change Log

Version 0.42 contains all of the changes made in the first week of Beta.

Version 0.42 Change Log:

Turbulence (Environmental Effect):

  • The randomized luggage placement has an expanded range now, to affect more tiles.


  • Luggage now blocks the serving of passengers if it is in the way.


  • The Tutorial Plane has been added to the game. This feature may be somewhat buggy, patches pending.

Shop State:

  • Microwave Upgrade added to the game, allowing you to prepare burgers 2x as fast as before once upgraded.
  • Peanuts should be in by the end of the week.


  • The Celebrity passenger has been implemented.
  • The celebrity has 2 wants, which must be answered simultaneously to satisfy him.

Profile State:

  • The game now has 3¬†profiles to select from, allowing individual players to store different levels of progress through the game.
  • Erasing a profile clears its name, cash, and other progress, allowing you to enter a new profile.

High Scores:

  • High scores are now being tracked for the Small Plane, each play through where you beat one of the current high scores will be saved to this state.


You can download the current copy of our build on our Download Page.

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