Airplane Dash Version 0.31 Release!

Version 0.31 contains a wide array of major gameplay changes. These changes modify the pacing of the game, as well as many different effects and items.

Version 0.31 Change Log:

Turbulence (Environmental Effect):

  • Added a “Turbulence” event during the flight, which is signified by the Pilot shouting out “It’s Turbulence Time”, a warning sound, and then the camera shaking.
  • During Turbulence, two pieces of luggage will fall from the overhead bins.
  • All passengers will wake up from their sleeping state during Turbulence.


  • Luggage falls from the overhead bins during Turbulence.
  • Luggage blocks player movement, and must be picked up to continue movement.

Old Woman:

  • Pickiness has been fully integrated into the build.
  • This means during the yellow bar, they have a 50% chance of changing their want.

Baby Bottle:

  • The bottle is not an item with unlimited uses throughout the level, like the drink, pillow, and burger.

How-To Play Screen:

  • Pressing the F1 key on the keyboard brings up a How-To Play screen. This screen lists many features and shows to the player what they need to do complete a level or answer any unanswered questions about the game.
  • There will be a tutorial plane down the road for helping ease new players into the game, but for now this screen should mitigate any confusion about gameplay aspects. We hope it helps! 🙂

Shop State:

  • The shop state is presented at the end of a successful level completion. At maximum you obtain $1000 per playthrough.
  • The Cart costs $2000 and is fully implemented.
  • The peanuts are not fully implemented, and the button should not work.
  • The Cart has been removed from normal gameplay, as it is a purchasable upgrade obtained from the shop state.

Credit State:

  • The Credit State has been added with placeholder assets.


  • The Cart has been removed from normal gameplay, as it is a purchasable upgrade obtained from the shop state.

Win Screen / Loss Screen:

  • The win and loss screens have been redone to show a success/failure player animation, as well as a plane landing based on the outcome.

Audio Revamped:

  • The audio for the game has been replaced with the new sound bank.
  • All temporary sounds have been replaced with new, more relevant placeholder sounds. Pending feedback they may change.

Desktop Shortcut:

  • The installer now creates a desktop shortcut during installation to make it easier to get to the game. 🙂


You can download the current copy of our build on our Download Page.

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