Airplane Dash Version 0.24 Release!

Another round of changes from the Frobots!

Version 0.24 Change Log:

Drink Want:

  • Added a drink want to the passengers to diversify the items that they want.
  • The items requested now includes the Drink, Pillow, Burger, and for the Baby, a Bottle.

Sleeping State:

  • Now after being served a pillow, passengers will fall asleep until either turbulence or a baby wakes them up.

Queued Movement:

  • The queue has been extended to allow for more actions.
  • The queue can be purged by clicking inside of the aisle.
  • The queue shows check marks on passengers, prep objects, and the cart, to show when they are queued.

Prep Area Remake:

  • The trash can now has a new model and associated effect.


You can download the current copy of our build on ourĀ Download Page.

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