Airplane Dash Version 0.23 Release!

After receiving various comments and feedback from our Executive Producer, Art Director, and several fans we have a round of changes for you!

Version 0.23 Change Log:

Patience Meter:

  • Shows you how long between green, yellow, and red state changes for passengers to enable better micromanagement.

Radial Particle Effect:

  • Shows you the area of effect of a baby crying.

Passenger Highlights:

  • Shows you which passengers you have highlighted with the mouse cursor.

Queued Movement:

  • Actions are queued up to make serving passengers and preparing items a little easier, a check box appears above their head to indicate the next target(s).

Old Woman:

  • Added a new passenger, who will later have the unique effect of “Pickiness”, when you take too long to serve her she will change her mind on what she wants. Currently she behaves like a regular passenger.

Prep Area Remake:

  • The Microwave, Pillow Rack, and Drink machine have all been redone and now have special effects.


  • Left click the cart to attach to player, click again to detach. The cart increases the players storage and inventory space dramatically.


You can download the current copy of our build on ourĀ Download Page.

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